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 "Spirit Speaks"
and Podcast on all platforms under Evidential Medium Andrea. 

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Shamanic Soul Retrieval

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Shamanic Breath-work

Clinical Hypnotherapy Sessions

Recorded Meditation

Past Life Regression or you can
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Your Friendship and Private Words of Wisdom has moved me from only addressing social issues pertaining to African a Wholistic Humanitarian Calling!

Utilitarianism [The Greatest Good for The Greatest Number of People]

Dr Michael James

My readings with you have always gone above and beyond the reading itself. I'm not sure that I always had a question to ask versus feeling the need to connect with you for deeper and greater insight into things and matters that I wasn't even sure about or how to ask, but it's always been on a greater and grander scale than just me! You have been a Guide for me through Spirit energy. It's as if my Guides connected with yours to help push me into what I am supposed to be. You have, even without knowing, acted as my Guru (aka my spiritual teacher). I can't wait to connect more to see and find out what's in store. It's all within divine timing, my friend, and for you, I am grateful, always!

Elizabeth Tipton

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