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Evidential Medium


Shamanic Practitioner - 2009

Shamanic Energy Clearing/Cleansing of the Centers - 2009 

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy - Graduated 2000

Certified Past Life Therapy - Graduated 2000

Silva Mind Control - Graduated1977 (Now Silva Method)

Certified Sound and Music Therapy - 1990

Usui Reiki Master and Teacher - 1990

Energy Clearing of the Field (Learned from the Masters of the East) - 1998

Certified Teacher of Presence (Ekhart Tolle) - 2023

Certified Life/Spiritual Coach - 2010

Astrology/Astrologer - 1979

Telepathy (Initiated at age15 by the Ascended Masters of the East) - 1973

Christ Consciousness - 1966

Author (Spirit Walker)

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My Journey

I began my spiritual journey at a very young age, engaging in spirituality and esoteric wisdom, to become a better presence (awakened) in the world and to be a greater service to Spirit/Universe. I have delivered thousands of messages globally, performed hundreds, if not more in healing and energy clearings, through the Mastery of Shamanism, Hypnotherapy and Meditation. I was educated early in life to the ways of the Masters of the East. My passion is to be there for others through spiritual wisdom and my compassion is "be a flow of Spirit" for others so they may awaken their heart, mind and soul in ONENESS.

I have experienced both a life of trauma and bliss, so I can feel, track, vision and transform those who need this witness and experience to help them move forward in life from the dark night of their soul to their infinity. I believe we are all limitless and Infinite and can create and become the collective we want to be. The Ultimate is to live this consciousness and awaken the Divine Source Within!

With Infinite Love,


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