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Soul Retrieval Session

Have you ever felt, after some painful experience in your life, that you “never recovered,” you weren’t your “old self,” or that a part of you “died”?  These feelings may indicate what shamans call “soul loss”: a part of your vital energy (soul) left you during a traumatic event, such as an accident, illness, loss of a loved one, or physical, sexual or emotional abuse.   To correct soul loss, a soul retrieval is done.  In the soul retrieval session, the shamanic practitioner enters into a shamanic journey meditation in which he/she finds and returns lost soul parts and removes energy blockages by using energy work.

Soul Retrievals are presently being done via distance due to my schedule.


What happens in a soul retrieval session?

To begin the session, I sing to your chakras (energy centers), as a way of entering healing space, grounding and centering. Then I may sing, drum or work energetically into each chakra and cut cords when needed. 

I generally like to discuss things on the phone or in email before I do the session. This is also a time to share any insights that you gained from the preparation you have done prior to the session (see information on “how to prepare for soul retrieval”).  For example, some people like to explain how and when they feel they lost soul parts.  It’s completely your choice to share or not, either way is fine with me: I do not need to know where you lost soul parts before I retrieve the soul parts, but sometimes clients like to share this as part of their healing process.

In the tradition of soul retrieval that I follow, the practitioner does all the work during the actual session itself. (In the days and weeks following the session, your task will be to continue to integrate your soul parts through meditating, journaling, etc. I explain the integration process during the session.)  In distant healing, I tend to anchor to you via soul connection. 

To do a healing, I enter a meditation called a shamanic journey by drumming or listening to recorded drumming.  The journey takes about 20 minutes. During the journey, I might be sitting, standing, dancing, singing, lying on the ground, or doing energy work in the space above your body. The process does not involve touching the physical body of the client. The journey unfolds like a waking dream in which four types of healing may occur:


  1. Soul Retrieval – lost parts of your vital energy (soul) return
  2. Power Animal Retrieval – the return of part of your vital essence that resembles an animal (a kind of “totem animal”) often associated with physical health
  3. Extraction – removing negative energy
  4. Messages from Guides – information from your inner guiding spirits about how to resolve a problem in your life.  However, this is not an intuitive “reading” where you ask questions and the practitioner answers them.  Rather, this is an actual energy work session.

I ask my spirit guides to lead me to whatever healing needs to happen.  Almost always there is soul retrieval, power animal retrieval and extraction; sometimes there are messages from guides.

At the end of the journey, if there are soul parts or power animals to return, I return them by blowing into your chakras (energy center) at your heart and crown (top of head). I rattle around you to seal up the soul parts and I do the thanking the spirits song.  I explain what I experienced on the journey, and what soul parts returned via phone, email or recording.

In the tradition of soul retrieval that I follow, the practitioner does all the work with Spirit during the actual session itself. In the days and weeks following the session, your task will be to continue to integrate your soul parts through meditating, journaling, etc.  


Use meditating, journaling, etc. to do the following:


  1. Recall where and under what circumstances you may have lost soul parts
  2. Consider what your life may be like after the soul parts return.  Get ready, be open, for your life to change and for you to be different.  In what ways would you like to see your life improve?
  3. If possible, tell the people in your life that you may be making changes.
  4. For more information on the theory and process of soul retrieval, you may want to read the book Soul Retrieval by Sandra Ingerman


(Please note that this is a suggested plan.  Each person's soul part integration process is unique.)

In the first 24 hours after soul retrieval:

  1. Welcome each part home
  2. Give thanks in your own way for this healing.
  3. Take a ceremonial bath. This grounds the energy that has returned to you, and is a rebirth experience for the newly rejoined soul parts.  You might want to use aromatherapy oils, nice candles and especially bath salts, which help ground the energy.
  4. Sing and dance your power animal (very important!)  Use spontaneous movement and vocalizing to create a simple song and dance to call up the power of this spirit guide.  This song and dance will develop into a repeatable form: it will be the same each time you do it. To do this: go into a room by yourself and say, "Power animal, sing and dance through me."  You will find yourself doing some type of body movement, sounds and words that will express the energy of the power animal. To have a connection with a power animal like this is a wonderful gift!  The power animal brings energy that you need in your life. Once you have a power animal song & dance, please continue doing it every day for the 28 time period after your soul retrieval, and after that continue doing it on a regular basis your whole life, to call forth the power of your animal guide


The Three Questions to ask your Soul Parts

Each day for the next 28 days after soul retrieval, please ask each soul part these questions, using meditating, stream of consciousness writing, stream of consciousness drawing, or other forms of inner reflection:

  1. Why did you leave?
  2. What do you know? (This might be memories or skills.) What gift or knowledge do you bring me?
  3. What do you need to be happy? (Please give serious consideration to acting on suggestions or requests from the soul parts.)

Tell each part that you love them, that you're glad they're back, and that you want them to stay.

The Soul’s Return

Celebrate the joyous return to yourself.

In indigenous cultures with active shamans, you would not be without your soul pieces for very long. The soul retrieval healing would often be accompanied by celebration, or a joyous welcome from family members. In today’s culture, however, an entire lifetime can go by before certain pieces come home.  The soul retrieval can seem a bit like the return of the prodigal son. However you feel about it, its important to celebrate the return of your vital essence back to where it belongs – in the same way we would celebrate the return of a long lost loved one.

People’s reactions after their soul retrieval are very varied. You are unique and so is your returning soul. A soul retrieval means different things to different people.  Its important not to have any preconceived notions about what you might feel. Some people feel great joy, some people sadness, some people feel fuller, some people feel lighter, some people feel nothing… there is no ‘one’ or ‘right’ way.

Some of the benefits that have been experienced by people who have received a soul retrieval include:

  • A greater ability to make decisions in their life
  • A sense of being more present in their life
  • The ability to move pass an issue that previously could not
  • The beginning of a new growth or healing process.
  • An ability to begin dealing with grief


Some healers will tell you what gifts your soul is bringing back to you. For instance, the return of your ability to have hope, or confidence in yourself. The practitioner cannot tell you in advance what will come from the soul retrieval. It is possible that the soul retrieval will complete a healing process, but it is also possible that it will begin the work of new healing and new growing.

Its important to be open.  Openness helps you fully receive your soul part back, and allows you to notice anything new you need to bring into your life. Perhaps you need to have more fun to meet the needs of the returned piece of your self, perhaps you need to go outside more, perhaps you need to give your self a period of introspection after the soul retrieval has occurred. Perhaps the soul retrieval was just the last of a missing piece in your healing process. You must listen to yourself if you are to allow healing changes into your life. You must care for yourself as you would a new born, and give your self whatever you find is needed now that this gift has returned.

Don’t be afraid to ask for the help of a counselor or therapist.  If you are unsure about mentioning soul retrieval, you can always tell them you feel like you reclaimed a part of yourself recently and aren’t sure what to do.  Therapists understand that concept regardless of whether or not they believe in soul retrieval itself.



Please call or email me two days after the soul retrieval so we can discuss how you're feeling, any reactions, questions, etc. you might have.  Thank you, it's an honor and a privilege to do this work for you.

Please do not order a Soul Retrieval until you have emailed me your interest and concerns and/or we speak live.


“For someone who feels just not right and out of sync with my body, Andrea’s soul retrieval couldn’t have appeared at a better time in my life. I honestly don’t know how blessed I must be to have stumbled upon Andrea, but I’m a firm believer that when the student is ready the master appears.


Not at all knowing what a soul retrieval was, I somehow knew it was the right thing for me to do. And with the incredible insights and details that Andrea has provided me with, I’m sooo incredibly glad I finally followed my intuition!! The experiences I have had already in such a short space of time, have confirmed to me that Andrea is a remarkable woman with sharp knowledge and insight into the spirit world. She has expanded upon things that weren’t even discussed and enriched me with a deeper respect for my body, my intuition and the spirit world. I can confirm everything she has mentioned and the sensations, synchronicity,  and intuitive insights that
I have personally experienced have without a word of exaggeration, changed my life for the better.


I feel lighter, freer, more whole and complete than I can ever remember before. It feels mind blowing!!!!!!!!! I can’t quite put it into words. In my everyday life, I am having more vivid dreams, increased intuition, an expanded reality of the world around me. My creative mojo has come back from the dead as well! I have finally come ‘home’ to myself. Thank you Andrea, for your incredibly empowering gift. My deepest love and respect goes out to you.” ~ Melanie.