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Shamanic Soul/Medicine Retrieval

Shamanic Medicine is soul work.  It takes us straight into the root and heals at the deepest levels.  When something is healed through Shamanic Medicine/Soul Retrieval,  it stays healed, because we have asked spirit and soul directly what needs to be done.

Whilst some shamanic techniques can appear to be quite simple, it takes a shamanic practitioner years to develop the depth and skill required to do a medicine journey.  

Shamanic Medicine/Soul Retrieval accesses inner wisdom and healing through the use of trance state awareness. I presently only do Medicine  Journeys/Soul Retrievals via distance. Working with my Spirit Allies and Masters,  allows me to work through the many layers of your energy field to clear, mend, and integrate energetic shifts. Distance Medicine/Soul Retrieval journeys work just as well as in person Medicine/Soul Journeys. 

In a Shamanic Medicine Retrieval session, I will journey to discover your Power Animal, retrieve energy medicine, negotiate with wounded or severed aspects of your soul, and extract any unwanted energy you may be carrying (Middle World, Lower World and or Upper World).  It is not unusual for Past Life Imprints or Entities to be cleared or for the client to experience an Initiation or Rite of Passage during a session.

Once the energy medicine portion of the session is complete, You and I review what we both saw, felt, sense, and heard, what was cleared out, and the soul gifts, soul parts, new soul contracts, and higher destinies brought back and seeded into your Light Body.  In this way, you leave not only with a clear and clean Light Body, but you have a renewed sense of purpose and intention for your life ahead. This journey is similar to the soul retrieval but its more focused on healing with Spirit, The Stone People and The Plant Spirit. This healing is done both on humans and animals. 

Shamanic Medicine is an extremely powerful, safe and accessible healing technique that is just as relevant today as it was thousands of years ago, perhaps even more so since our culture has strayed so far from soul.  

Shamanic Medicine Sessions can be repeated as often as you wish, however I recommend doing 3 – 4 sessions initially, then giving the healing time to integrate. You can also request a session to discover your Power Animal only.

Shamanic Medicine can be performed at a distance and is no less effective when received in this way.  If you would like a Shamanic Medicine Distance Session, please send me an email describing any particular issues you would like worked on and make a payment below.

Shamanic Soul/Medicine Retrieval:  $100.00

Please contract me prior to purchasing.