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Shamanic Soul Retrieval

When you experience trauma, hardship, heartache, and life challenges, aspects of you can become lost along the way.

It is believed that whenever we suffer an emotional or physical loss, separation or trauma, a part of our soul flees the body in order to survive the experience. The definition of soul that I am using is soul is our essence, life force, the part of our vitality that keeps us alive and thriving.

The types soul loss in our culture would be any kind of abandonment, breakups, losses of any kind, abuse, sexual harassment or rape, physical or emotional trauma, accident, being in a war, being a victim of a terrorist act, acting against our morals, being in a natural disaster, death(a fire, hurricane, earthquake, tornado, etc.), surgery, addictions, divorce, or death of a loved one.

Any event that causes shock could cause soul loss. And what might cause soul loss in one person might not cause soul loss in a   It is important to understand that soul loss is a good thing that happens to us. It is how we survive pain. If I was going to be in a head on car collision the last place that I would want to be at the point of impact is in my body. My psyche could not endure that kind of pain. So our psyches have this brilliant self protect mechanism where a part of our essence or soul leaves the body so that we do not feel the full impact of the pai
In psychology we call this disassociation. But in psychology we don’t talk about what disassociates and where that part goes. In shamanism we understand that a piece of the soul leaves the body and goes to a territory in what shamans call non ordinary reality where it waits until someone intervenes in the spiritual realms and facilitates its return.

Although soul loss is a survival mechanism the problem from a shamanic point of view is that the soul part that left usually does not come back on its own. The soul might be lost, or stolen by another person, or doesn’t know the trauma has passed and it is safe to return.

It has always been the role of the shaman to go into an altered state of consciousness and track down where the soul fled to in the alternate realities and return it to the body of the client.

In our culture we are unaware of what is out of spiritual harmony that is creating illness. And because often our soul loss happened so young we are unaware of the unconscious patterns we are living out due to our first experience of soul loss. We are always trying to retrieve our soul. And how we do this is by repeating the same trauma over and over again. The names might change of the people involved in our life story, but the story is often the same.

The effects of having a soul retrieval vary person to person. Some people feel that they are more grounded in their body and feel more solid. Some people feel lighter and a joyful way of being returns to them. For some memories of the past traumas might be triggered bringing up a variety of feelings that must be worked through. And for some people the effects are too subtle to notice a change until further work to integrate the soul is done.

As people feel more present in their bodies and in the world they become more conscious of behavior that might be out of balance and disharmonious. When we are numb we might be aware that things in the world are not right but we can easily distract ourselves from feeling a need to change. When we are fully “inspirited” there is no place to retreat to and we are more inspired to change our lives. Soul Retrieval is powerful. There is no other healing like it.

Andrea has journeyed and studied under Sandra Ingerman, Michael Stone and many other Shamans.

" The best experience in my life is when I awakened to the call of Spirit and began performing soul retrievals on behalf of  others. Soul Retrieval is one significant spiritual key to healing." ~ Andrea Infante

Soul Retrieval can be done long distance. It is not important that you be present physically. Please visit the soul retrieval session page here.

To discuss if soul retrieval is right for you, please email Andrea at

Please do not order a Soul Retrieval until you have emailed me your interest and concerns and/or we speak live. Not every person or situation requires a Soul Retrieval and/or can be performed.

$100.00 per session.   

“For someone who feels just not right and out of sync with my body, Andrea’s soul retrieval couldn’t have appeared at a better time in my life. I honestly don’t know how blessed I must be to have stumbled upon Andrea, but I’m a firm believer that when the student is ready the master appears.


Not at all knowing what a soul retrieval was, I somehow knew it was the right thing for me to do. And with the incredible insights and details that Andrea has provided me with, I’m sooo incredibly glad I finally followed my intuition!! The experiences I have had already in such a short space of time, have confirmed to me that Andrea is a remarkable woman with sharp knowledge and insight into the spirit world. She has expanded upon things that weren’t even discussed and enriched me with a deeper respect for my body, my intuition and the spirit world. I can confirm everything she has mentioned and the sensations, synchronicity,  and intuitive insights that I have personally experienced have without a word of exaggeration, changed my life for the better.


I feel lighter, freer, more whole and complete than I can ever remember before. It feels mind blowing!!!!!!!!! I can’t quite put it into words. In my everyday life, I am having more vivid dreams, increased intuition, an expanded reality of the world around me. My creative mojo has come back from the dead as well! I have finally come ‘home’ to myself. Thank you Andrea, for your incredibly empowering gift. My deepest love and respect goes out to you.” ~ Melanie.