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The 3 Divisions of the Brain

Our brain is divided into three sections: upper, mid and low brain. In Shamanism, this would be called upper, middle and lower world. Masters of the East relate this to the 3 Dan Tians and the 3 External Qi Fields. The lower brain, sometimes referred to as the reptilian brain and the structures of the Limbic system, is related to Survival, to the WeiQi. This area of the brain is pre-linguistic and is our power source, our access point to the Earth energy and the Lower Dan Tian. This is the area of the freezing of the Wei Qi for protection, the recording of trauma into the marrow, the brain. As such it becomes constitutional. This area is also the record of the species-level, and the embedded aspects of previous species and their relationship to fear and survival. The Lower brain or Lower World (in shamanism) is where we develop our character. We also develop power and Will, both of which are seductive in their ability to manipulate others. This are of the brain is inherently amoral, which's created lots of colorful and questionable approaches to working with this "shadow" energy. The Mid-Brain is associated with Ying Qi and interaction. In Shamanism, this is the Middle World. This is where we experience bonding and the ties involved with bonding. This is where we begin communicating in symbols and language adopted by the tribe. We are all learning and as we judge our perceived failures along the way we undermine our ability to forgive our self, and be liberated within the collective organism. We become locked into our own self-imposed morality and sense of duty. These are the challenges of the Mid-Brain, the Middle Dan Tian and the Heart. Rectification of the Heart through forgiveness allows us to be healed. The Upper-Brain is associated with the Shen and Differentiation. The Upper-Brain includes structures such as the Neo-cortex. This is where we ask the questions such as "Who am I?" and "Why am I here?" In order to access this level we must be willing to accept ourself. This is the Upper Dan Tian and the energy of Heaven, aka Upper World in Shamanism. It is post-linguistic and telepathic. Here we can accept the paradoxes of life and not be limited by our polarized judgments. As we are able to access all three brain levels and their corresponding energy centers we can access the conduit of energy between Heaven and Earth. This is called flow consciousness. Scientifically they are able to show that we can enter flow states of consciousness where we have strong communication between these brain areas. There is an energized focus, and enjoyment in the activity for its own sake. Emotions are positive, energized and aligned. Experiencing depression, frustration, and anxiety is to be barred from flow. The hallmark of flow is a feeling of spontaneous joy while performing a task with a deep focus on nothing but the activity-not even on oneself or one's emotions. This is the flow of spirit and creativity into the world. It is the energy of pure potential and the miraculous possibility of Destiny. It is the energy that drives evolution.

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