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Being Evidential

Most my life, I've been delivering messages from Spirit. I've interacted in many roles. One of my favorit is being an Evidential Medium. What does being an Evidential Medium mean? Most of the time, the deceased spirit will convey messages to the medium on events or signs pertaining to when they were living so that the family, friend or partner can connect to the deceased Spirit and get closure. An Evidential Medium provides evidence. Also, this is not limited to just a deceased family member. They can also provide, in most cases, some if not all, the evidence of life after death, the different worlds beyond earths ordinary world, the different dimensions and wisdom that can be beyond the state of knowing. They have the ability as well to bring wisdom from the unknowing to the knowing. They also have the ability to bring forward wisdom and information from another secret self, such as any Akashi-5th world, past lives, life between life, etc.

You can listen to a recent recording, a clip of the episode that aired on 10/3/2023 and the messages from the deceased family member, Charles.

Much Love,

Evidential Medium Andrea

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