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 Energy Clearing

Energy Clearing is gentle but a powerful way to release the old stress you're still carrying from your life experiences, as well as transform how you're affected by the energy around you each day. Many experience shifts in their energy during a clearing, and amazing changes often unfold in the days and weeks afterward. Some have experience a subtle shift or nothing at all but the clearing is still happening. Clearings lead to a sense of calm and happiness that typically result only after years of mindfulness practice.  

The Different Energy Fields in a Clearing.

First Energy Field: DEO
(Disturbing Effects of Others)

First Energy Field: Water:
(Fear, Trust, Ancestors, Inherited Issues)

Second Energy Field: Wood
(Anger, Forgiveness, Vision)

Third Energy Field: Fire
(Love, Joy, Healing the Heart)

Fourth Energy Field: Earth
(Safety, Support, Relationships)

Fifth Energy Field: Metal
(Life Purpose, Authenticity, Recovering from Loss)

Integration and Grounding.

  • A clearing of your personal energy
  • The clearing energy of others that may have lied dormant for years in your energy field.
  • Clearing stagnant emotions, heartbreaks, imbalances, past life residual, dysfunctional relationships, money problems, work stagnation and more...
  • Clearing energy at work or open new possibilities in your job search.
  • Opening up Infinite Possibilities! 

Sale! Act Now!

$40.00 $25.00 for one clearing.

$105.00 $55.00 for a package of 3 Clearings.  (Save $5 on each clearing!)

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“Andrea is the best spiritual advisor, psychic medium/tarot reader that I have ever come across, and I have gone to many.  She is gifted and is kind with a heart of gold.  She truly cares about your life struggles.  She's sensitive to your issues and works hard to change your situation. 

I was looking for work for several months, and nothing was coming through for me.  Aside from having her do regular readings for me on any concern I had, be it love, money, family etc., she started doing clearings on my energy.  These clearings done on a somewhat regular basis, opened doors for me and broke down blocks to finding work.  Her abilities are truly amazing! 

I highly recommend her to help you with whatever is blocking you from moving forward in life.  And her readings are accurate and insightful!  Don't waste your money on phony psychics who don't really care.  Contact Andrea because she is the real deal!”  - Sara Martin

As repeat client , i have to say a reading with Andrea never fail to uplift and guide, always clear reading to the point ,nothing generic or general.

through my dealing with her readings ,i was encouraged to have an energy clearing (i felt i can trust her)don by Andrea, and i must say that i started seeing  small and big changes happened to my self and around me ,thank you very much for your honest work.

As a repeat client I will say I have had clearings and they work wonders! My life has turned around for the better since I started coming to Andrea. She has worked with me so intently and never fails to contact within a timely manner. Ive also had amazing readings and they are so accurate. Thank you Andrea for all that you do! Dannyle J.