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It can be amazing to find that so much clears in a day, (this is why I offer the clearing package) even just in the first field (DEOs = Disturbed energy of others energy field). You might be thinking, "I just had a clearing yesterday! Why is there more?" :-D

As we go through a normal day, we're far more affected by the energy around us than we realize. So even a quick trip to the grocery store can result in your bringing home some energy you picked up from people in the check-out line!

But also recognize that the inner fields (the next 5) also matter. Every time you have a personal clearing, new layers clear that weren't available to release previously.

How do you feel after you’re cleared? Do you notice feeling more relaxed or spacious or more able to just be with your feelings? Clearing is so subtle and gentle, you may not feel any different at all - but that doesn't mean it's not working!

Or you may expect to feel a certain way and not notice that instead there's been a different result.

It may be you wake up the next morning with a new idea, or are suddenly less triggered by someone in your life. Or a new opportunity drops into your lap and you don't realize there's a connection to the clearing.

Or it may be that after a few weeks, you start to realize you're not so stressed by something that used to stress you.

And sometimes right after a clearing, there's an emotional release. That can mean you have a good cry, or say something that's been needing to be said but that can cause some difficult feelings in reaction. Headaches are rare but can happen as the energy releases. But that doesn't mean something went wrong.

Its also not unusual to have dreams of people and places/events of the past and present as when clearing out the DEO (Disturbed Energy of Others) Field, that’s exactly what it’s doing. Clearing you from this energy.

Sometimes you can see significant change as a result - -

I’ve seen results where clearing energy has brought people together eventually after days, months or even years where they haven’t spoken. Ive seen loved ones join together again. Ive seen people get jobs after being unemployed or unhappy in a job. Let the Universe do its job.

It may be that something changes in your external life, or it may be you start feeling different inside; something you used to hold an emotional charge around fades so it no longer stresses you in the same way.

Sometimes you get new ideas, insights or opportunities and don’t realize that the clearing has released blocks to allow those to emerge.

Other times, the shifts unfold subtly and gradually and it’s not till weeks later that you turn around and look back to realize how different things are!

But watch for signs, small developments or synchronicities that you’d normally disregard or assume they have nothing to do with the clearing. They probably do!

If you compare clearing to unkinking a garden hose, at first when you unkink the hose, all the water that's been backed up in the system can spurt out in a strong surge.

But after that, there will be a smooth flow of water. In the same way, all those suppressed or stuck feelings may spurt out at first, before things smooth out.

And no matter how you feel after a clearing, you can know that you are transforming your life and changing your future! Trust the process.

A lot of people ask me how many clearings are needed. That has no designated answer. It will depend upon how you feel. There are those who get them on a regular base and others who get them once a month to once every 3 – 6 months. When a clearing happens, its gradually opening up blocked and stagnant energy. But who knows how many layers we have accumulated over the years. And who knows what each day brings regarding filling our space with more negative energy. That’s why you hear me say, “stay positive!”

I'm sending you love and blessings across the globe! <3